Navigating the Waters of Technical Curiosity: A Confession


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Navigating the Waters of Technical Curiosity: A Confession


Hey there! I'm trying out something new today. This is not a tutorial blog but more of a personal development blog.
It has no conclusion or takeaway if that's what you're looking for. This blog serves as a confession for me trying to rationalize my new area of interest.

Embracing a New Horizon

In the past few months, I have become interested in various subjects other than mobile app development, my primary field of expertise.
These subjects span not just across tech stacks like backend and frontend but delve into the concepts such as understanding compilers, virtual machines, computer networking, databases internal working, etc.

A Deep Dive into the Unknown

It has been and continues to be a thrilling adventure for me. I've been reading about how compilers work, how programming languages are created, exploring the nuanced variations between them, how technologies like Firebase Cloud Firestore work, the physical path of the TCP/IP model, etc.

This has been a fascinating switch from learning how to use tech, be it a programming language, a framework, or a third-party service, to how is that technology created, its purpose, and the voids they endeavor to fill.

A Distracted Pursuit

I have not been able to concentrate on app development as a whole. Rather than swiftly implementing features or eradicating bugs, I often find myself entangled in the hows and whys of technology.
For example, while implementing a push notification feature in a mobile app, I side-tracked and started researching how does push notifications work, how was this invented in the first place, which protocols it uses, and more.

The Allure of Exploration

As I continue to explore this captivating realm, my learning resources have undergone a transformation.
From youtube videos and courses, I'm now moving to podcasts, white papers, research papers, books, GitHub feature proposals, and beyond.

This shift has also influenced my blog ideas, which are now more inclined towards delving into the "what" and "how" aspects rather than solely focusing on straightforward tutorials.

This transition is ironic, considering my very first blog embarked on a similar path.

I want to point out that this does not discredit the importance of the instructional content. I've certainly authored such blogs and and I continue to benefit from the insights of others. These resources remain integral to my daily routine.

A Dilemma Unveiled

This transition challenges me to realign my focus at work, finding an equilibrium between work and research.

The more I dwell on this, the more I become disinterested in my current work.
I may have gone down a few rabbit holes when I should've been focusing on finishing that feature.

The Joy of Curiosity

It's hard to say whether this is just a passing phase or a lasting change.
Perhaps trying out a challenging project could help me realign my focus.

One thing's for sure: I'm finding a lot of joy in exploring the uncharted waters of my newfound curiosity.

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